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About Ayurveda

Ayurved in Sanskrit means "The science of Life". It is an ancient, unfailing system of diagnosis and treatment based on medicines prepared from herbal plants & other elements found in nature which are found in abundance in India. Ayurved is the traditional, natural system of medicine of India.Ayurved provides an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of illness. Many renowed Scientist, Scholar & Genius in the respective field consider Ayurved as oldest ancient Indian healing science.It teaches an individual to live naturally by outlining certain Behavioural, Dietary and Treatment patterns. Ayurveda has been specifically appreciated for it's holistic approach to man and non-provocative application of medicine.

Ayurved is not merely a kind of antiquated folk medicine. It is a science in its own right. Yet it is a science based upon the observation of living being and their actual reaction to their environment. These observations are made since life on earth.

Ayurved possesses perhaps the longest clinical experience of any system of medicine, with a history of Ayurvedic hospitals and colleges going back for over three thousand years. It has a science of anatomy and physiology that follows a ritualistic model based upon the biological humors. It has an extensive herbal and mineral industry, including what is probably the greatest variety of herbal and pharmaceutical preparation in the world. These include herbal wines, jellies, confectionary, resins, balsams, pills, and an extensive system of mineral preparation. It has special clinical methods, including the use of steam therapy, oil massage, and Panchakarma purification and rejuvenation. Perhaps most importantly, it also has a whole science of self-care, including an entire methodology of right living for optimum health and the promotion of greater awareness and creativity.