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About Us

Amrut Ayurvedic Clinic has a holistic approach to treatment. To achieve cure of both mind and body, counseling is a vital part of the treatment process. In most psycho-somatic illnesses, we notice that the underlying stress becomes a depositing factor for physical problem. After in-depth counseling, treatment is designed to alleviate the psychological problem along with the physical symptoms. Ayurved talks about counseling as `Ashwasan Chikitsa’. Ashwasan literally means `building confidence’, which ultimately results in the patient’s emotional readiness to heal

About Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel is the pioneer of this Amrut  Ayurvedic Clinic And Panchakarma Center. He completed his degree from renowed institution “Aswin Ayurved Mahavidyala”in Sangamner (Ahmednagar). Since then he is been practicing pure ayurveda therapy at a self owened clinic. After being practically trained under the guidance of renowned Ayurvedic physicians in India, he started working as an Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Consultant in India. He has an experience of over ten years in the field of Panchakarma, diet-lifestyle consultations and herbs. He has an active role in panchkarma treatment . He has specialized in pinda-sweda therapy. Along with medical background he conducts yoga lectures,social activites regarding awarness about general health and ayurveda. The main aim is to lighten the authentic science of ayurveda. He has also attended many International and National seminars on Ayurveda and Yoga. He has written hundreds of articles on Ayurveda in various magazines and newspapers. His fields of interest are Chronic Orthopaedic, Skin disease, Male and Female infertility. He is practicing in Ayurvedic system of medicine from 2000.