Jaanu Basti


Januvasti is one of the best and dependable Ayurvedic therapy for chronic knee pain, stiffness, inflammation and injury. The treatment includes retaining vata pacifiying oil, warm ayurvedic oils over the impacted region on the knee joint utilizing gram flour, followed by gentle massage or Abhyanga. The ayurvedic oils and medications for the treatment will be chosen in view of the patient disease condition.

Duration: 30 min

  • Lubricate joints.
  • Treats sports injuries.
  • Extremely beneficial in Osteoarthritis and Prevents degeneration in knee joints.
  • Relieves pains, sprains, ligament tear, inflammation.
  • Relaxes and nourishes knee joint  bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves.
  • Protect the cartilage of the knee.
  • Reduces spasm and rigidity of muscles around knee and calf areas, thus Improves mobility.